About the PGGK Training School

The Paul Blodgett Goalkeeper Training School, LLC was created to offer the highest possible training for a truly unique position in the game of soccer. Anyone who is involved in the game knows that goalkeeper training is highly specialized and it incorporates all aspects of one’s being to master it. It is a time honored process that takes development in technique, tactics and personal psychology.

The school has taken an innovative and unique approach in helping keepers to become the best that they can be at the position, at any level. The reconstructed PBGKTS website is the new tool to help keepers to attain that level. The site will offer concepts that are cutting edge with the sole purpose of generating a complete education of the position for not only goalkeepers, but also for their parents and coaches. In addition to the already outstanding training programs that exist within the school, this revised website will provide opportunities for a complete education of the position by offering the following programs:

At PBGKTS, the interest is in not only offering the best possible training for today’s goalkeepers, but also in the development of the character of the athlete. The position is truly unique in sports because it incorporates not only all aspects of athleticism and knowledge of the game, but also those of character, such as leadership, confidence, intelligence, competitiveness and psychological strength. If a goalkeeper trains intently, with proper dedication and technique, and learns the game, then he or she will have a long and enjoyable career in the game.

The PBGKTS values establishing relationships with its students. Once we begin training, a personal interest is taken in each keeper’s progress in the position. We look forward to training you and I know that the training that you will receive will be extremely beneficial to you in your growth as a goalkeeper.


Welcome to the school!