Lubos Ancin

  • GK/Assistant Coach Rutgers Women
  • GK Coach Sky Blue FC
  • DOC GK Coaching at PDA
  • Former standout GK at Rutgers University 
  • Former Professional Czech Republic
  • Slovakian NT GK

Billy Andracki

  • All-American Rutgers University
  • APSL/NPSL/A-League

Karen Bardsley

  • England WNT
  • Manchester City 
  • Sky Blue FC

Dave Barreuta

  • Former Rutgers Standout GK
  • Former Head Coach Longwood University
  • Staff Coach for Tim Howard Goalkeeper School

Kris Cherry

  • PBGKTS Staff Coach
  • Standout GK at St. Francis College
  • Professional GK Holland and MLS Reserves (Metrostars – now Red Bull)

Jess Clarke

  • Standout GK and Captain TCNJ Women
  • Promotion/Marketing Manager at CBS Radio

Jon Conway

  • All-American Rutgers University
  • MLS Career
  • GK Coach for MLS Champions Toronto FC

Robin Copperthwaite

  • Physical therapist
  • Former Assistant Coach Yale Women
  • Captain and 4 year starter Rutgers Women

Ashley Denti

  • PBGKTS Staff Coach
  • Standout GK at Centenary College
  • Former Head Coach RVCC Women

Nicole Dipascuale

  • All-American TCNJ Women

Chris Duggan

  • Assistant/GK Coach NJIT Women
  • DOC for GK’s Cedar Stars Academy Girls
  • Former PBGKTS Staff Coach
  • Standout GK at East Stroudsburg University
  • Professional GK

Billy Gaudette

  • Professional Career (MLS/NASL)
  • Standout at St. John’s University

Adelaide Gay

Annie George

  • Staff Coach PBGKTS
  • Standout GK and Captain at FDU Florham Park
  • ALL-MAC Freedom Conference GK
  • USMC

Erin Gutherie

  • Stellar career at Rutgers
  • All-American
  • All Big East

Kendra Griffith

  • All-American and Captain TCNJ Women

Ryan Hayward

  • Financial Adviser for Northwest Mutual
  • Former founder/owner Total Soccer
  • Captain and standout GK at TCNJ

Tim Janes

  • PBGKTS Staff Coach
  • Standout GK at Scranton University
  • USSF Licensed Coach

Jess Janosz

  • Women Athlete of the Year at Rutgers University
  • 2013 RU MVP
  • Big East Conference GK

Ian Joyce

Mia Justis

  • U16 USGNT

Allica Kacar

  • All-American and Captain at TCNJ Women
  • Former PBGKTS Staff Coach
  • Head Coach Oratory Prep School
  • Certified Pilates Instructor

Erica Keil

  • Assistant/GK Coach LIU Women
  • Standout GK at VA Wesleyan

Neal Kitson

  • MLS/England/A-League

Karina LeBlanc

  • Head of Women’s Football – CONCACAF
  • Canadian WNT
  • Olympic Medalist (after Canadian WNT)
  • Professional in the NWSL/WPS/W-League
  • Motivational Speaker
  • UNICEF Ambassador
  • GK/Assistant Coach Rutgers Women

Jillian Loyden

  • All-American Villanova
  • The Keeper Institute
  • The Jillian Loyden Foundation

Konrad Madej

  • Technical Director Hillsborough SC
  • GK Staff Coach Red Bull
  • Former GK Coach Rutgers Newark Men
  • Former PBGKTS Staff Coach
  • USSF Licensed Coach

JD Martin

  • Former standout GK at both Rutgers University and Northwestern University (Captain)
  • Staff Coach for the Tim Howard Goalkeeper School
  • MBA Harvard University
  • Partner and Managing Director at Thomas H. Lee

Kevin McMullen

  • Founder/Owner:  Science of Goalkeeping
  • Assistant/GK Coach Temple University Men
  • Former GK Coach Villanova University Men
  • NJYS ODP GK Staff Coach
  • Former standout GK at SMU and Rutgers University

Jillian McVicker

  • Standout keeper at Ohio State
  • Champions League keeper for Olimpia Cluj of Romania
  • Semi-pro W-League

Bryan Meredith

  • MLS/Sweden

Tim Mulqueen

  • Mentor to Tim Howard
  • USMNT Staff Coach
  • GK Coach Orlando City FC and other MLS clubs
  • St. Joseph’s University Stand out

Casey Murphy

  • USWNT Full side
  • USWNT U23
  • USWNT Keeper at the U20 World Cup
  • Professional GK France
  • All American

Josh Osit

  • Assistant Coach Columbia Women
  • Former GK/Assistant Coach Rutgers Women
  • Former PBGKTS Staff Coach
  • NJIT Standout GK

Dave Pekarek

  • Technical Director PBGKTS
  • Former GK Academy Coach at TSF 
  • NJYS ODP GK Staff/Us Club PDP
  • Former Caldwell College standout GK
  • USSF Licensed coach

John Plaugic

  • Modern Goalkeeper Training Systems, LLC
  • Caldwell University Standout GK
  • Assistant/GK Coach Rutgers Newark Men

Evangeline Soucie

  • GK Coach Kentucky
  • GK at Kentucky

Matt Van Oekel

  • Standout GK at Rutgers
  • Professional GK MLS/USL

Saskia Weber

  • All-American Rutgers University

Jessica Weeder

  • All-American and Captain TCNJ Women

Steve Widdowson

  • Head Coach Millersville University
  • All-Region GK at Rutgers University
  • Professional player USL