“Paul is a master teacher, coach and mentor for goalkeepers of all ages who aspire to be the best they can be.”

Bob Reasso, Former Head Coach, Rutgers University and Division 2 National Champions Pfeiffer University; Presently Athletic Director, Pfeiffer University


“Paul Blodgett is a tremendous educator and a great goalkeeper coach.  He is someone who knows what it takes to train and motivate a goalkeeper to reach the next level.”

Dave Masur, Head Coach, St. John’s University


Dave is an excellent goalkeeper coach with a great knowledge of the game and a great motivator who does a tremendous job teaching both the technical and mental aspects of the goalkeeping position. Dave always demands perfection in every drill but also takes the time to explain why the keepers are doing the drill and why the techniques are important. This attention to detail truly makes a difference in game situations.

My son’s keeper skills and techniques tremendously improved under Dave as he continually pushes his keepers to be the best they can be, both physically and mentally. Thank you, Dave.

Anthony Bonanno
West Caldwell


“Coach Jillian is an incredible person. Jillian creates a massive support system for anyone she meets and is excellent at encouraging people. She is a great goalkeeper and has come back from several injuries yet to play professionally still. She is an inspiration and positive role model to youth goalkeepers. Jillian is a great mentor. She has helped me be more confident and taught me how to inspire others as well. Jillian is a contributor to the community and is a great person to get to know.”

Audrey Gibson-Zweifel
USYFNT Goleiro
Hilliard Davidson Varsity Freshman GK


“Coach Jillian has provided me with guidance and inspiration not only in soccer but life too. Over the past few years, I have known Jill she has, unfortunately, run into a few severe injuries. Every time she gets knocked down she stands back up. Jill’s journey has taught me to attack life relentlessly despite the throwbacks life may throw at us and to never give up on your dreams.”

Lili Berg
Ohio State Freshman GK


Paul and Tim offer incredible goalkeeper training and are the utmost professional. Paul has built a successful business on the back of his careful instruction and has created a name for himself in the trade of goalkeeper coaching. If you are a soccer goalie and you want to improve and get realistic training Paul’s goalkeeper school is where you need to be. He has done this for many years and has people like Tim Janes that are following in his footsteps of being skilled, knowledgeable and humble. There are a lot of good athletes that want to be coaches but make everything about them. Paul and his staff are focused on developing their students, and it’s not an ode to themselves.

Bill Spoor
Parent of High School Goalkeeper


Paul Blodgett and the coaches at the Paul Blodgett Goalkeeper Training School have played such an important role in our daughter’s development.  Attending Paul’s training, camps, and private sessions during and off season has helped to fill in the gaps of instruction and technique that often gets missed by regular soccer trainers.  Paul and his staff do an exceptional job of relating to the goalies and coaching them on the mental and physical necessities of goalkeeping.  Our daughter wouldn’t be where she is today without the Paul Blodgett goalkeeping family.


Vincent & Adriana DeGiovanni

Parents of High School Goalkeeper